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Middle School Moab Leadership Retreat

WHAT: Moab Leadership Retreat, Middle School Spring Enrichment Add-On

WHO: Led by Anna Jorgensen and Amy McLaughlin...joined by YOU!

WHERE: Price, Moab, Colorado River Rafting

WHEN: April 19th-21st

Leadership demands many different skills. Understanding how to be a leader is imperative in life. Understanding the type of leader one is, and the leadership style that they have, opens their eyes to their own potential. Students will learn different ways to lead and better understand different ways people learn. They will deliver lessons and learn new skills in a unique environment. By learning outside the traditional classroom, students will strengthen their leadership skill box. Upon return, students will present their gained experience to the school.


April 19th

-Leave school at 1pm

-9 Mile Canyon, Price: “Art of Who You Are”

-Camp in Moab: “Trusting One Another”

April 20th

-Colorado River Rafting Trip: “How We Lead”

-Stay the night on the riverbank: “How We Learn”

April 21st

-Colorado River Trip: “Becoming Stronger”

-Hike: “Leadership Rolls”

-Drive home, arrive at 5pm

May 4th

-Presentations to school and parents

Cost: $300 per student. Includes all lodging, transportation, food, and activities.

Want to join? Call the school at 801-374-5480 and give your student a learning experience they will never forget.

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