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Why Arches Academy?

The purpose of Arches Academy is to provide individualized, interactive, whole-child education to a diverse student body, empowering students

to experience the enjoyment of learning, develop into kind responsible leaders,

and reach their greatest potential.

As an independent school, we integrate cutting-edge technology, emerging educational programs, local opportunities, parental expertise, and student interests.

The heart of our mission is to educate and inspire our future leaders while enhancing their experience as they climb to new heights.

Interactive Learning

Interactive Learning

Providing interactive learning opportunities is our main focus at Arches Academy. We crafted an environment where students feel confident in their ability to apply the knowledge and skills they learn at school to use in real-life . We prepare our students for their futures by using hands-on lessons, every day. 


Our students have the opportunity to discover their own education firsthand, instead of just reading about someone else’s. Interactive learning allows them to immediately apply the knowledge, ask questions, have access to real-time coaching and feedback from educators who care about them, and develop their teamwork and communication skills. 


We know that interactive learning empowers kids, which is why we made it our motto here. Our experienced team of teachers can share everything they know about their field of study, but the real learning comes when these same teachers give their students the gift of hands-on learning and unforgettable life experience.

The 4 Pillars

The 4 Pillars

We focus on whole-child development for each of our students. We uphold these high standards because we know the value of a rounded education. Arches Academy has perfected the formula to create a balanced education on these 4 pillars: academic, social, creative and physical well-being.


Arches Academy is a school where each student feels secure in their academic well-being. They feel free to ask questions and feel safe in their learning environment. Our students are confident in their abilities and know that failure is just a part of the learning process.

Our students have a strong sense of their social well-being. They establish and build strong relationships with their classmates and teachers, giving them the chance to practice teamwork and collaborative skills. Not only are social skills essential for a child’s development, but they are a large part of what makes an education fun and memorable. 


Arches students have a sound knowledge of their creative well being. We focus on the skills and talents of each student to ensure that they flourish at school. We individualize their education through specialized testing and tutoring to meet the child where they are and help them grow from there. 


Physical well-being is key to ensuring that children succeed in all other areas of their life. We encourage daily recess, “brain breaks”, PE classes, health education, and all-school field trips like hiking trips and park days.


The 7c's of the 21st Century

We prepare our students to thrive wherever their future takes them. At Arches academy, we use the 7 C’s as an easy reminder of what we are all striving for. We focus on these themes in our curriculum, activities, and throughout  the school day. We are:


Curious and Inquisitive: We encourage students to ask questions that challenge their assumptions and to dig deeper when they think they’ve learned all they could. 


Collaborators: We teach students that they can achieve great things by utilizing each individual’s expertise while working toward a common goal. 


Critical and Computational Thinkers: We challenge students to use reason and reflection to problem solve and guide their ideas.  


Community Builders: We treat our school like a family and know the value of an inviting, productive and cheerful environment. 


Communicators: We discover new ways to share our ideas and respectfully discuss our beliefs with open minds. 


Creative and Innovative: We push students to think outside of the box to make their education a tangible, creative process.

Connected Global Citizens: We invite students to explore new cultures and to learn about communities and people who are different from themselves.

Gifted and Talented

Gifted and Talented

At Arches Academy, we believe that every student is equipped with innate learning strategies and talents that help them succeed. We follow gifted and talented models with every student, not just a few who “test in”.  


All students are encouraged to follow their passions and pursue projects that excite them, even topics that go above and beyond a state curriculum. These projects are often team endeavors and are always nurtured, coached and guided by a capable teacher. 


Our gifted and talented approach enables students to take ownership of their education and delve into subjects not regularly studied. In their homeroom classes, students can choose subjects of their own interest, teachers can assign special projects that allow for creative freedom, and our Mini Courses set aside time each week to study a new topic or question. 


Our schedules allow time each week for our students to participate in what we call Mini Courses. These 4-6 week courses are teacher-led, but inspired by questions and curiosities of their students. Students can choose courses like ancient Egyptian studies, embroidery, survival skills, coding challenges, and many more.