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There Are 3 Types of Private Schools

Private schools fall into one of three categories. The consulting company ISM defines them as follows

1. Price or value-based schools - often these are faith-based schools which tend to be lower cost and they are focused on shared social values being key to what they teach.

2. Product schools (High performing, academic orientation) - these schools focus on being the best academic product. These schools’ results are measurable on ACT/SAT scores and they accept students that are performing at 90% or better. These students thrive in that academic environment and they are aiming to attend elite universities. Product schools are expensive to operate and have higher tuition.

3. Process school - process schools are expensive to operate because they employ the most people due to the breadth of topics taught and because of the focus on individual students. Process schools focus on the learning process (e.g. “how” students inherently learn), they help students find their areas of talent, and they help them excel. Process schools are committed to helping students in areas they may need additional help. Process schools have smaller class sizes.

ISM states that it is rare for a school to be in more than one category due to the difference in philosophy, strategy, faculty, and economics between these three categories.

Most private schools in Utah County fall into category #1. Waterford in Salt Lake County would be an example of a Product school with a tuition range of $17,000 - $22,000.

Arches Academy falls squarely into category #3. We believe our whole-child-oriented approach to education leads to the best results for most students. Students develop the skills that enable them to be highly successful in college, in their careers, and in life.

We invite you to browse our website and blog and learn about Arches Academy and why our process works so well.

Our driving philosophy:

When a child experiences ah-ha moments every day it will excite them, engage them, and create an enthusiasm for learning that will set them on a trajectory for a life full of achievement.

Arches Academy provides excellent, unfettered teaching utilizing leveled learning, gifted and talented methods, interactive learning, and curriculum that is whole-child oriented.

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