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3 Year-Olds in Preschool

3-year-olds can benefit greatly from preschool and Arches Academy has a class dedicated to them. We offer half-day or full-day options but at this age, half-day works well -- every child is different.

This is not your neighborhood preschool and it’s definitely not a daycare. Being part of a full school provides more resources to our preschool program. For example, all our students participate in school-wide concerts and musicals at their level.

Preschool vs Pre-K, what’s the difference?

At Arches Academy, preschool is our 3-year-old class and pre-k is our 4-year-old class.

Preschoolers learn about how to socialize with their peers in a small, supervised environment. Socialization is a primary focus at this age. 3-year-olds are exposed to letters, numbers, colors, shapes, and various subjects through activities, themes, games, toys, and other hands-on experiences to facilitate high interest and deepen knowledge.

In Pre-K, students further those experiences, while being immersed in a more structured environment focusing on building age-appropriate independence and preparing them for more rigorous academic challenges. Check out our other posts about pre-k.

How do you know if they are ready?

If your child is fairly independent using the bathroom, doesn’t need naps daily, and can be redirected when sad, your child may be ready for their first classroom social experience.

Children at this age may still need some help with personal cleaning with bathroom usage and may occasionally have accidents. As a general guideline, if accidents are no more than once a month they are fine. We have parents provide a spare change of clothing that stays at the school.

Free trial day

Not convinced your3-year-old is ready? Bring your child in for a free trial day! After having them participate in the class we can chat together about their readiness.


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