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Parent-Teacher Conferences (Should be Positive)

An Opportunity to Learn More

Parent-Teacher relationships are so important for the growth of your child's education. At Arches Academy and many other schools, your student spends about 7 hours of their day with their teachers and peers. It is so important that you and your child have a close and understanding relationship with those that care so much about them.

We believe that a teacher should not only be an expert on your child's academic needs, but also their social and emotional needs. Our teachers are helping to shape your child’s future and they need and want your help and input. Your experience with Parent-Teacher Conferences makes it clear that this is a joint endeavor, highly individualized, and incredibly personal. Your child deserves nothing less.

If your child is struggling in certain areas, you should still be leaving your Parent-Teacher Conference feeling encouraged and positive. Sometimes the conversation is hard and no one enjoys hearing that their child might be struggling. This is a normal feeling. What you shouldn't feel, is alone in these struggles. We want you to leave knowing that your child's teacher is aware and that they are taking the steps your child needs to grow their education and experiences!

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Parent-Teacher Conferences at Arches Academy.

  • Our teachers already know your name because they KNOW your child. We believe that Parent-Teacher Conferences should not be the only time a teacher discusses their student's talents and needs. Parent-Teacher Conference is an extension to the conversation that has been happening throughout the school year. It is a time to check in, ask questions, set goals, and share a child's experiences...both accomplishments and challenges.

  • No matter the challenges or goals your child may be facing, you can feel assured knowing the teacher wants the best for your child.

  • You will coordinate directly with the teacher to set a time that works with both of your schedules during a given time period.

  • Ask the questions! As many as you need! Let's clear up any confusion with grades, field trips, classroom expectations, or your child's peers...anything.

  • Update your Teacher. Keep your teacher up-to-date with any changes at home that may affect your student's classroom needs.

  • We promise complete trust and privacy to make sure you feel comfortable addressing the most important issues.

  • In the areas where your student is thriving, the teacher knows how to challenge them.

  • In the areas where your student is struggling, the teacher knows how to help them.

  • The teacher can explain exactly what each score on their report card means and why they have been receiving that score.

  • Your child’s teacher knows your child as an individual. S/he knows their strengths, their interests, personality, and challenges, and cares more than you can imagine.

  • The teacher knows who your child's friends are, who they sit by, and who they talk to at lunch, if their feelings were hurt or if they were the student hurting feelings.

  • Their teacher also knows how their class relates to your child’s other classes and works with their other teachers to make sure your child's needs are consistent in each class and with each teacher.


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