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A private education at Arches Academy is more affordable than you may think! The price for our exemplary, high-quality, robust education breaks down to only about $6.50/hour/student!

Arches Academy is a non-profit 501(c)(3) private institution that does not receive government funding. We rely on tuition and donations to finance our premium programs.

2023-2024 Tuition     

*Must apply for Variable Tuition 

Nursery School (NS), Preschool (PS), or Pre-Kindergarten (PK) Schedule

Families with young children have several different scheduling options to fit their needs. For any of the three classes, children can attend everyday (recommended), Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or Tuesday, Thursday. Families can also choose a full-day or half-day schedule.

2023-2024 Nursery, Preschool, Pre-K Tuition

Let one of our amazing guides to you child's

education answer your questions and show

you what your child's education could be.

Scholarship and other Tuition Assistance


Arches Academy is a participant in the ACE Scholarship program. ACE Scholarships provides partial tuition scholarships for families that qualify for K-12 students attending private school.  

Eligibility is based solely on family income.


If you don't fall within the ACE financial guideline levels, but still feel that you might qualify for some reduction of tuition, please apply for Variable Tuition below.

Variable Tuition


We strive to make our school accessible to all families who value a quality education. Our Variable Tuition Program is for any parent who feels they may qualify for a small discount even though they may not fall below the current low income level. Reduced tuition is figured using a sliding scale approach, so different levels of income may qualify for variable levels of aid.  Families that receive variable tuition are required to provide 40 service hours to the school, as well as fulfill or meet other requirements.

Tuition Vouchers


Scholarships will become available starting

with the 2024-2025 school year.

Utah Education Fits All's mission is to ensure Utah families have the freedom and access to choose the best fit for their child's education.

Their vision is that every child will be able to find their unique fit in education through choice and a multitude of options, fulfilling Utah's promise as a welcoming, opportunity-rich state. Our mission is to support their efforts by honoring their vouchers in the 2024-2025 school year.


Common Questions/FAQS

Parents understand best how each child is unique with different learning needs. You see, when you’re educating a child, one-size doesn’t fit all. But what if one-size didn’t have to fit all? What if every child could access the school, or customized education, that worked best for them? 

Now they can! Utah Fits All is a universal school choice program signed into law during the 2023 legislative session! Families can use it to customize each child’s learning with a scholarship that travels to the education options of their choosing.  

All K-12 students who are residents of Utah qualify to receive the full amount whether they currently attend public, private, homeschool, or are just starting kindergarten. Scholarships will be available for use beginning with the 2024-25 school year.

It’s for every child, in every zip-code, from every financial background, with every learning style.

Every child in Utah will be able find their fit in education!

Here’s the law if you want to read it!

***Please refer to your enrollment agreement for official tuition and charges. We reserve the right to fix mistakes on this page.

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