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How to Read a Report Card

Have you ever looked at an Arches report card and wondered what all those numbers and letters mean? Here is a breakdown of all the features you might find on your child’s report card:

1. Grade Key - our K-3rd grade students are graded on a different number scale than you might see on a typical report card:

4 = Excelling above the standard (equivalent to 90% or above)

3 = Achieving the targeted standard (equivalent to 80-89%)

2 = Making Progress toward the standard (equivalent to 70-79%)

1 = Improvement Needed to be on grade level (equivalent to less than 70%)

But how do you know what each class “standard” is? What does it mean when your child is “achieving the targeted standard”?

Each teacher creates various “assignment types” in each class, and these assignment types are weighted differently according to their importance in that class. For example, a 3rd grader might be graded on Home Reading, Homework, Participation in class, and Spelling Tests. The student’s grade on each assignment type will affect the student’s overall grade differently, depending on the weight that assignment bears.

4th-9th graders are graded on a traditional grading scale. Below is a breakdown of percentages:

2. Academic Targets - These are typically only shown on a K-3 report card. These targets will show up as a subcategory of a particular class. For example, in Kindergarten Math you might see targets a student will be aiming to achieve throughout the year, such as “Number Pairs 0 to 10,” “Number Stories,” and “Methods of Addition.” Targets for 1st Grade Grammar might include things like “Common Nouns,” “Proper Nouns,” and “Verbs.” These allow you to see the classwide goals each student is aiming to achieve.

3. Behavioral Targets - These are also only included on K-3 report cards. The targets currently included on our report cards include the following (using the same 4 3 2 1 grading scale):

  • Follows directions

  • Follows school and classroom rules

  • Functions as a group

  • Listens attentively

  • Respects authority

  • Respects rights and property of others

  • Stays on task

  • Works well independently

These targets are important to track in order to maintain the social integrity and safety of our school. Arches Academy aims to be a safe place for students academically, emotionally, and socially, so we strive to help each student reach and maintain a high standard of behavior.

4. Class Codes - on a report card for any student enrolled in a 9th grade level class, you will see codes before each class name, such as “A” “EL,” or “PES.” These codes are determined by the Utah State Board of Education to ensure high school students receive appropriate credits for their completed classes. Below is a list of codes and class names you might see on a 9th grade report card:


A - Fine Arts Elective - Art Foundations I

A - Fine Arts Elective - Art Foundations II (Painting and Drawing)


A - Fine Arts Elective - Drama (Performance)

A - Fine Arts Elective - Theatre Production (Backstage Crew)

A - Fine Arts Elective – Music


CTE – Communications: Principles of Leadership

CTE – Communications: Social Media Marketing

CTE - College & Career Awareness / Leadership

PA - Practical Arts Elective - Business

CS - Computer Tech

CSP – Computer Science Principles


EO9 - English 9


EL - Foreign Language - French 1 & French 2

EL - Foreign Language - German 1 & German 2

EL - Foreign Language - Spanish 1 & Spanish 2

EL - Foreign Language - ESL


MC - Math Level 6

MC - Math Level 7

MC - Math Level 8

MC - Secondary Math I


H - Health

PES - PE Skills


ASC - Applied Science - STEM 1

ASC - Applied Science - STEM 2

SC1 - Science - Biology Core

SC2 - Science - Environmental / Earth Science


GC - Government & Citizenship

GC - Student Government Elective

G - World Geography

US - US History

WC - World Civ.

Report cards can be confusing at first glance, but once you understand the nuts and bolts you can easily interpret the progress your student is making throughout the year!

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