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Gather your crew. Accept your mission. Explore the universe. 

Call 801-374-5480

Take on an interstellar sized problem and apply the skills and knowledge from school to find a solution. 

Work together with your friends to solve math, science, and history problems and see how they change the world around you! Our atmospheric lights and sound setup keep you immersed in the experience!

Choose from three diverse missions, or request one of your own! Whichever role you play, you're an integral part of the solution. 

What mission will you choose? 



Available Times: M-TH 3:30-5
Max: 10 people
Best for students between 4th and 9th grade (8-14 years old)
Call: 801-374-5480


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Kevin Roberts is a popular STEAM teacher at Arches Academy! He earned his BA in Digital Media from Utah Valley University, and prior to working at Arches Academy Kevin worked as a Flight Director at the Christa McAuliffe Space Center and Discovery Space Center.

He has more than 6 years of experience working with educational simulations, involved with everything from supervising volunteers to running missions on the Phoenix at CMSC. In university, he developed skills as a Technical Artist that he used to help his class win a Student Emmy for their animated short as a Technical Director.

Kevin is excited about this opportunity to help students gain technical skills and to further fuel students' interest and love for technology.



It is time for the Choosing!  The United Colonies of Earth has been studying the Planet Olympus for some time.  Its indigenous population seems to be closely related to Earth's Ancient Greece.  All the youth of the planet are periodically offered up to the Gods of Olympus, and the undercover scientists working on the planet believes that someone is interfering with the planet's natural development.  It is up to the UCS Delicate and her crew to find out what is going on!

sky-space-dark-galaxy-2150 (1).jpg


When a group of Colonial Scientists go missing after discovering a black hole, it's up to the UCS Delicate and her crew to go save them!  On this mission, students will discover the mysteries of this newly discovered black hole, and learn about social studies and physics as they navigate the dangerous area.  After all, we may not be alone out here...


Storm Race

A rare opportunity is upon us.  The UCS Delicate has been invited to participate in the Storm Race, the most famous race in the Quadrant!  But this is no normal race.  The Crew will have to rely on meteorological knowledge to uncover where each checkpoint of the race is, without cheating!  All the other nations in the Quadrant we have met will be participating, and how we do in this race will go a long way in affecting how humans are accepted in the galaxy.  Good luck!


Choose your own

Don't see the mission you want? Request a custom mission! Given enough prep time, we can create a one-of-a-kind mission based around any subject, for any level of learning. 

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