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Introducing Continuous Enrollment

This month we are pleased to announce a policy change that will be a great benefit to our community: Continuous Enrollment!

(Last month we were excited to roll out Variable Tuition!)

Rather than opting in every year and signing new contracts, you just let us know if you ever want to opt out. Continuous Enrollment will automatically enroll your children for the next year, unless you tell us differently, and it will save your child's seat through 9th grade with no extra paperwork and hassles. The majority of our students continue each year so this will greatly reduce the workload for everyone involved.

Simply put: "Opt out" if you ever want to, rather than having to "opt in" every year!

For current parents, please refer to the email from our Head of School, Annette Warnick, for information about converting over to Continuous Enrollment.

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