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Continuous Enrollment

Every year the Arches staff must make plans for the upcoming year. They need solid information on the upcoming year's student body to plan for staffing, materials, programs, curriculum, and facilities.  

In the past, we had parents re-enroll every year.  Now Arches uses Continuous Enrollment just like colleges because over 85% of our students return each year! Enroll once and you're enrolled until your children graduate or until you let us know differently. No more re-enrolling and filling out paperwork every year. Do it once and you're done. It's that simple!

We will communicate to all parents each year in January reminding parents of the notification date to discontinue enrollment. Since most students continue enrollment, the majority of our parents can ignore the email and do nothing!


Why Continuous Enrollment instead of re-enrollment?
Almost all of our students return each year, it simplifies the process for everyone.

What if our circumstances change after the notice date?

The most common reason for people to not continue enrollment is due to the family moving out of the area. Arches Academy utilizes a 3rd party Tuition Insurance to cover the tuition obligation if your student can no longer attend.

How does this benefit parents?

Simplicity.  Guaranteed placement for your child in the upcoming year. With increasing enrollment, often Arches has waiting lists in certain grades. By opting into Continuous Enrollment your child has a seat until graduation.

Schedule a Tour

Parents tell us the tour is really helpful in the decision making process! Tell us when you're free and we'll show you the school and explain what we do that makes Arches' students excel!

Free Trial Day

Call us to schedule a time to bring your child to Arches and let them try out a day and see if Arches is a great fit for your child!

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"This is the first school of many where my son has been happy and actually understands his math. I love how they put you in an appropriate level of math and reading and he gets tons of individual and small group instruction."

                            -- Rebecca B.

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