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Interactive & Leveled Learning

Every fall we survey our parents to get their input and feedback regarding the school and classes. One of the top things parents love about Arches Academy is the interactive learning and the leveled learning approach we use. What is Interactive Learning? Interactive learning combined with a balanced curriculum is a key part of the learning experience here at Arches Academy. At Arches, students don’t fit the programs—we carefully create our programs to best fit our students. We are not restricted by the state core curriculum acting as a ceiling of what to accomplish in any given school year. Instead, we teach above and beyond minimum or mediocre, rigid standards. At Arches our assessment mechanisms zero-in on students’ current academic levels and give teachers valuable feedback they use to individualize the design experience and ensure progress. We have high expectations for students to develop and apply themselves in five areas, and provide a strong support system for their success in these areas.

  1. English Language

  2. Mathematical Thinking And Problem Solving

  3. Historical Awareness

  4. Science Knowledge And Reasoning

  5. Rich Elective Offerings

What is Leveled Learning? Arches Academy employs a unique leveling approach to determine a student’s placement in core subjects rather than just their birth date alone. We believe every student has the right to learn at their own level, so we assess to find out what students already know and what they are ready to learn next. During our morning core subjects, students attend different math and language arts levels based on their assessed ability. As students engage in our unique curriculum, they develop critical thinking skills and demonstrate competencies in the key areas of listening, speaking, reading, writing, mathematical foundations, and computational thinking. Our teachers foster curiosity and a balanced intellectual appetite in each of these subject areas. In another post, we'll introduce how we handle our mini-courses. Our students love them! So, does it actually work?! Yes!

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