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Students Love Learning...Because We Let Them

Children have a natural curious and inquisitive nature that we foster to propel them toward a love of lifelong learning. An aversion to learning and school is often how children feel when it comes to education. It is the environment in which they learn that can either support or damage this natural drive.

At Arches Academy, we value your child's education and want to go above and beyond to expose them to exciting and positive experiences that they will forever relate to learning. As a school that emphasizes a hands-on, interactive education, we know how effective learning can be if students are provided with an environment to apply what they learn to an authentic real-world experience. We are able to fully develop this practice through our focus on gifted and talented learning for all students.

Interactive field trips allow us to teach our students in an environment outside of the classroom that relates to what they are learning. As our students get older, their field trips evolve. Our extended field trips can last up to

a week (sometimes longer) and can include trips to different states or unique locations with culminating educational experiences in mind.

This year, our middle school students visited Catalina Island and participated in the Catalina Environmental Leadership Program (CELP). The program is dedicated to teaching students through interactive and hands-on learning. Students take part in leadership activities that teach principles about biodiversity, how everything is connected, and participate in other CELP principles/activities such as snorkeling, eco hikes, kayaking, stirring the compost, and sharing a night around the campfire.

We know each student has their own unique set of skills, aspirations, interests, and learning styles. We believe that by providing a supportive environment we can help set a positive foundation where students can learn how to use their individual tools to build their own love for learning in a way that excites them. When they graduate from Arches Academy, they will have the ability, experience, and understanding to create goals and ambitions for a successful education and lifelong learning.


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