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Quality Education is Worth it! Just ask our parents.

Education is the best gift we can give our children. While education provided by a public school works for some, private school education allows students to experiment with learning on a completely different spectrum. At Arches Academy, we provide a unique opportunity for learning. We provide interactive, Gifted & Talented educational experiences for all students. Through our non-traditional, project-based approach, we empower students to think innovatively, engage in collaborative groups, create meaningful connections through an inclusive global mindset, and develop their innate creative and curious energy.

Top Notch Academics

“The math program is really outstanding, and the focus on addressing each child's needs cannot be matched anywhere else we have looked. Wish we had put our daughters here sooner!”

“Enrolling a child in a private school is a long time commitment for all parties involved. In the end, it all pays off! A child is able to get a jump start on many subjects and focus on the really important aspects of education. Arches Academy cares about each one of its students! I love the intimate classroom sizes. It allows a child to be noticed and have their needs met in many ways. When a student attends a public/charter school that school may not be able to accomplish such tasks because of political reasons, regulations, or a classroom size, etc.”

Social Nurturing

“Within the first few weeks of school, my EXTREMELY shy and anxious daughter blossomed. Arches is a school that is academically exceptional, but equally amazing is the nurturing environment and teachers. The class sizes are small and intimate and everyone knows everyone. It is an extremely safe and close-knit feeling and I wouldn't want anything else for my children.”

“The classes are small and the relationships our children have with their teachers are closer and more caring than anything they could have experienced anywhere else. We know that our children are in a safe, encouraging environment with teachers who truly care about them.”

Social Safety

“We took our child out of his previous school because of issues with bullying. Once we enrolled him in Arches Academy, the light came back on in his eyes and he absolutely loves his new school!!”

Parenting Peace of Mind

“Arches has changed my daughter’s entire perception of school - she loves going now! And it has also bought me great peace of mind, knowing that she is well taken care of each day - her teacher is phenomenal. She understands my daughter’s needs, goes out of her way and makes time to give her extra help on things she needs, and creates individual opportunities in areas she's excited about - it really is a custom-tailored education. I can't really recommend it highly enough. I love this place, and it makes me really sad that our public education has fallen so far behind. Every child should be having this experience.

“No bullying. No falling through the cracks. Field trips, retreats, ski trips, school plays, sports, etc. Academic, social, and emotional issues are dealt with immediately. "I credit the Arches Academy culture as my best parenting decision for my children's success.”

Leveled Learning

“I appreciate that the school works with the kids at the level they are at. If a child is ahead or grasping things easily, they move up a level. Kids needing more help are put at a level that works for them rather than a level that frustrates them.”

Range of subjects/Engagement

“I love that they can try out their wings in drama in a school-wide production each year. I love that the teachers and administration are always open to parent and student input. I love that things like robotics or sewing or weaving or archery can be learned through the mini-courses the children can pick from. I love that art, drama, music and foreign languages are taught by specialists to all the children. I love that the children and taught to love learning!”

“The depth of what they learn and the subject matter is such that they are excited about what they are learning. Whether it be hands-on experiences in science in the slot canyons in Escalante or reading and presenting from some of my favorite authors, they are soaking in a strong academic foundation. My children have thrived in ways I have not anticipated.”

Engaging Field Trips and Exposure

“Want adventure, Arches takes your students and young adults on field trips to Vernal to see the dinosaur fossils and to local places like Jake's Archery to get a feel for archery. The older kids, in the upper grades, go to places like Boston and Lexington, MA to see landmarks where the first shots were fired in the revolutionary war, and "Old Ironsides," the USS Constitution, the ship that the enemy couldn't sink and to NY, to see a play on Broadway and catch a Yankees game. Arches Academy is not like most schools.”

Time Matters

Ferris Bueller famously said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around every once-in-a-while, you could miss it.”

Your children don't have time for their current school or the state legislators to fix x, y, and z. Even waiting one year has a dramatic effect -- where are the holes in their learning, do you know? If they stay where they are, where will the holes be a year from now?

It is tempting to think that your child will make up for it later, next year when they get a new teacher, but the reality is that they move to different subjects and struggle due to the holes in the fundamentals that they missed.

If you’re worried at all that your child might be missing out on some of these great advantages, give us a call and come in for a tour at Arches Academy to see what the best education is really worth.


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