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The tragedy of the smart preschooler! Da-da-daaaaaaa!

Did your child graduate from a great preschool right into boredom at a public or charter school?

Rigorous and successful Preschools are only a benefit if the students are not held back in Kindergarten.

  • Is your child reading words and even sentences when her classmates are still learning their letters?

  • Is your child’s number mastery well above the standard?

  • Are you left hoping and crossing your fingers that your child’s current love of learning will be carried on through kindergarten and first grade?

  • Worse, did your child spend their kindergarten year twiddling their thumbs waiting for the rest of the students to get caught up?

At Arches Academy, the academic benefits and love for school can be carried through not just in Kindergarten, but through first grade and beyond. This is because:

  • Small class sizes allow for each student to be instructed as an individual, by a teacher who knows them and their personality very well.

  • Our Leveled Learning approach means that no student is ever held back. They are allowed to move forward at their own pace to allow them to succeed.

  • These approaches, plus regular field trips, mini-courses, and more, keeps each of our students highly engaged, never bored.

  • Our highly qualified faculty are in regular communication with each other and with parents. This means that 1) students move ahead through grades in a seamless, natural, and individualized way, and 2) parents always stay well-informed about their child’s well-being and progress.

If you are worried that your bright, young preschooler will get lost in the crowd, or if you’re frustrated watching your child do very little at school, give us a call today. We would love to give you a tour and answer any questions you may have. Call us at 801-374-5480.

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