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The Value of Summer Camps

Who knew school could be so much the SUMMER?? We’ve already heard squeals of delight as our students come for our first week of Summer Camps at Arches Academy. Our camp director, Maria Meredith, has dedicated countless hours preparing amazing weekly experiences for all our “campers.” Each week our summer camps have a new theme that will create memorable and enriching learning experiences all summer long!

So why do we think Summer Learning is important? According to the Oxford Learning Center, over the summer students lose on average 2 months of reading skills, 2.6 months of math skills, and even physical fitness wanes. (All those computer games!) To give your child a boost for the next school year, make sure they’re learning throughout the summer.

And remember, summer learning can be a blast! Here are some student and parent comments about our camps from last summer:

Why did you decide to come to summer camp?

I decided to come to camp because I was bored at home. I wanted to have fun and make friends. - Sophia

It’s a place where you can make friends. - Shea W.

I thought it would be fun to learn about stuff and make crafts and new friends. - Kelsey R.

I was looking for something fun to do. - Cole P.

What did you like best about summer camp this year?

The Lego-bot road course. - PJ W.

It was fun. I loved playing in the pool and I loved my teacher. - Sophia

My friends and Miss Meredith. - Shea W.

Going to parks. - Joel R.

Doing myth busters. - Kelsey R.

Water baseball. - Cole P.

My daughter loved it, and there was some subtle thinking / science in there too. - Cinda R. (parent)

What was your favorite week? What activities did you do?

“Under the Sea.” We went to the aquarium. - PJ W.

“H20 with Water” and “Holiday Hullaballoo.” - Shea W.

“Under the Sea.” At the aquarium we touched sting rays. - Joel R.

I liked the week we went to Mrs. Wood’s pool. - Bella

This year I liked “Have a Ball, Just Add H2O,” and going to Mrs. Wood’s pool. - Savannah P.

What did you like about your camp director, Miss Meredith?

Everything. - PJ W.

She is funny, sweet, kind, always having fun and smiling. - Sophia

She’s funny, jolly, and willing. - Shea W.

She was very funny. - Bella

She was great! - Savannah P.

She was really fun to play with. She explained things really well. - Kelsey R.

She was nice and responded quickly. - Cinda R. (parent)

What did your child say about summer camp when they came home?

She loved it. It was her favorite one all summer. She asked if we could watch Myth Busters at home--yes! - Cinda R. (parent)

“We will be back again next year!” - Cinda R. (parent)

“My kids cried when I told them we were going on vacation and that they’d have to miss summer camp at Arches.” - Ann W. (parent)

There are still spots available in our amazing summer camps this summer. To learn more about Arches Academy, subscribe to our blog here, download our eBook, or call 801-374-5480 to schedule a tour!

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