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Come for an Open House!

There's something wonderful happening at Arches Academy. For parents looking for the best educational options for their child, here's the good news: they can see it for themselves!

Anyone interested in giving their child the best education can come to an open house at Arches Academy, every Tuesday and Friday from 9:00-3:00. We would love to show you the amazing things that happen here at Arches, show you why it will benefit your child, and answer all your questions.

You can learn more about us by browsing our website and blog, and checking out our Arches Academy Facebook page to see the latest updates. If you would like to pre-schedule your own tour you can call us or schedule that online by clicking here. If you have some preliminary questions or just want to give us a call, please feel free to do so at 801-374-5480.

We look forward to seeing you at Arches Academy!

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