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Learning Outside the Box

Arches Academy offers a creative way of developing knowledge, understanding, and practical skills through

the study of interconnected topics. Cross-curricular learning involves establishing patterns of information between different academic subjects.

What Does This Look Like?

Your student has the opportunity to evolve their understanding of different subjects outside the basic box of education. Our specialty classes such as; art, music, PE, Foreign Language, and STEAM utilize lessons and information from core class units such as Science and History.

AN EXAMPLE First Grade Science and Art:

Over the course of this unit, students will receive exposure to new information about Astrology. They will then apply these findings to carefully crafted projects in other classes such as Art. During their art class, students will discuss colors and movement throughout space in relation to art. Students will then use what they have learned about Astrology and Art to inform decisions they will make over the course of their project. This Authentic learning strategy helps students further their education putting practice to the skills they have developed in their studies.


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