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Teacher Spotlight: Emily Ralls, PreK

Get to know Mrs. Ralls!

  • Mrs. Ralls was born in North Vancouver, Canada.

  • She has taught Preschool for 11 years.

  • Her teaching philosophy is that if a child feels safe and loved they can learn almost anything!

  • She has a wonderful husband, two teenagers, and a cat named James P. Sullivan.

  • Her favorite teacher was her 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Doble because of her wonderfully interactive lessons and because she was always supportive and kind.

  • Her favorite part of being a teacher is seeing a student’s face light up when they discover something.

  • Each year several students figure out how to decode letters into words and she is always amazed to watch the first time this happens.

  • The number one thing she hopes each student takes from her class is that they are loved, and that they are capable of doing hard things.

  • Mrs. Ralls says, “I love Arches Academy and the dedication to educational excellence! I believe that when parents and teachers work together, every child can succeed!”

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