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Internet Services Supported by Xmission

Utah's own XMission donates part of the costs of the internet services which they provide to Arches Academy. The up-time and quality of service has been phenomenal this past year and we wanted to thank them for their support of our school. The service running on Utopia is fantastic.

If you're looking for an internet service provider for your home or business, check out XMission. They are easily the best choice in Utah.

About XMission

Founded in 1993 by technology entrepreneur Pete Ashdown.

XMission has a commitment to quality service, leading-edge technical expertise, and strong advocacy for the local community.

From its early days as a private, Utah ISP to its current role as a global business Internet provider, XMission has expanded its technical offerings to include sophisticated hosting, business telephony and high speed connectivity solutions.

Throughout its history, XMission has also proudly worked with hundreds of Utah’s nonprofit organizations by providing free web hosting services, and by sponsoring a variety of community-based events and facilities.

XMission only offers carefully developed and thoroughly tested services. We strive to provide exceptional technical support every time we interact with a customer. Plus, whenever we schedule maintenance or respond to issues, we email clearly-worded announcements explaining the situation.

This adherence to high standards means customers receive a quality of service not offered by larger providers.

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