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Arches Academy, #1 Private School in Utah Valley

Voted #1, Best of Utah Valley

Once again, Arches Academy has been voted Daily Herald’s #1 Private School in Utah Valley. We are thrilled and honored by this recognition. This speaks to the incredible skill and hard work of our teachers, who work every day to make their classrooms the stellar places of learning that they are.

This also speaks to the passion, involvement, and amazing dedication of our Arches parents and our school community. It is our parents and families who spoke up, and took the time to vote for our school. Because of this dedication and effort, Arches Academy was competitive against much larger schools with a far greater voting pool. Thank you, our Arches Academy family, for your wonderful support.

Here are a few of the comments from our parents:

"[Our child] has learned more in a month at Arches Academy than he did all last year. I can't say enough good things about that school!"

"A super fabulous field trip with Mrs. J's class to Escalante. Amazing!"

"Coolest school on Planet Earth! Your child must come here if you want a quality, cozy, instructional, friendly, happy, educationally consuming environment for your child. Oh, and very small class sizes. ARCHES ACADEMY IS THE BEST!"

"Arches has been the perfect fit for our daughter. She started in Pre-K and is now in kindergarten and not only does she enjoy school and made great friends, she has continued to do well academically and enjoyed the variety of classes and teachers even in kindergarten. We couldn't be happier with Arches."

When a child experiences ah-ha moments every day it will excite them, engage them, and create an enthusiasm for learning that will set them on a trajectory for a life full of achievement. Arches provides excellent, unfettered teaching utilizing leveled learning, gifted and talented methods, interactive learning, and curriculum that is whole-child oriented.

Arches Academy succeeds academically because we:

However, we also believe in a whole-child education which includes strong academics, but also goes further. At Arches Academy our curriculum also includes:

  • Science Fairs, Language Fairs, and Statewide fine arts contests

  • A yearly all-school musical and other theater programs.

  • Mini-courses in a huge variety of engaging, student-chosen subjects, ranging from spy history to skiing

  • Regular field trips to museums, space camps, Utah’s amazing National Parks, and many other places.

  • Implementation of the Leader In Me program, helping our students in all-around development.

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We also value diversity. Gone are the days when private education signified “elitism”, and we have many systems in place to make sure this academically strong, whole-child education is available for families of all types and from all backgrounds.

If this sounds like the education you want for your child, please feel free to give us a call and come in for a tour!

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