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Imagine the Possibilities!!

Let's Explore

Imagine your child gets to experience first hand a special career or adventure that they may be interested in from the comfort of their own classroom environment. Not every child has the same opportunities, and some may never get certain opportunities to learn and understand the world that they live in.

Imagining the Concepts

From being a vet to camping in the wilderness, our Preschool and Kindergarten classes have the opportunity to delve into the aspects of life through imaginary play. There is a monthly theme which allows each child to play different roles and have time to create, explore, and practice the concepts they have learned for the specific dramatic theme. They learn the vocabulary, the responsibilities, the different roles, and how they interact with each other, the equipment required, and learn to understand and respect each other's feelings and levels of interest.

Dramatic Themes

Some of the themes that have been and could be explored are:

- Restaurant

- Veterinarian

- Camping

- Santa's Workshop

- Grocery Store

- Construction Team

- Space Exploration

- Housekeeping

- Photographers

- Pizza Company

- Florist

- Bakery

Students' Choice

We want the children to feel included in their learning process and let them help decide the themes based on their interests. They then also have the opportunity to lead the dramatic play, make decisions, and problem solve as individuals and as a class, with the help of the teacher.

Learning Outcomes

We want our students to be confident in and out of their school environment. We do our best to teach, engage, and encourage our students to be leaders of their education. We help give them the tools necessary to look into their future and see the endless possibilities and opportunities the world has to offer them.

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