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Summer 2024 coming soon.

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Prechool Prep

Preschool Prep
(2 yrs-4yrs)

Preschool Prep is a summer camp that includes various activities created to prepare these little ones for a classroom environment. This camp will focus on the skills needed to attend their first year of school- Alphabet knowledge, smooth transitioning from home to a classroom, math, potty training, social-emotional skills, and more. Each week is given a theme and activities will relate to that theme.

Kids Camp

Different Theme each week! Join us for camps filled with arts and crafts, group games, splash days, hiking, tech time, creative literature, park picnics, yoga and so much more. Some of our themes include: Wizarding Worlds, Heroes vs. Villains, Splish Splash Weeks, Mad Science, Space Camp, Outdoor Explorers

and more...

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