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Summer 2024 Coming Soon

About Preschool Prep


Preschool Prep is a summer camp that includes various activities created to prepare these little ones for a classroom environment. This camp will focus on the skills needed to attend their first year of school- Alphabet knowledge, smooth transitioning from home to a classroom, math, potty training, social-emotional skills, and more. Each week is given a theme and activities will relate to that theme.

We have great news! We have decided to offer full-day (full-time) summer camp for our Nursery school, Preschool and PreK classes (ages 2-4). To ensure that this option is viable, we are going to set it up as a summer tuition agreement where you sign up for the full 10 weeks of summer camp and the fees will be non-refundable

Registration closes Friday at 4:00 pm the week before Camp begins. Payment is due at the time of registration.

If registration is closed call 801-374-5480 for availability.

Payment and a $25 late fee will be due at that time of late registration.

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