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Summer 2024 coming soon!

Kids Camp


Different Theme each week! Join us for camps filled with arts and crafts, group games, splash days, hiking, tech time, creative literature, park picnics, yoga and so much more. Some of our themes include: Wizarding Worlds, Heroes vs. Villains, Splish Splash Weeks, Mad Science, Space Camp, Outdoor Explorers

and more...

Registration closes Friday at 4:00 pm the week before Camp begins. Payment is due at the time of registration.

If registration is closed call 801-374-5480 for availability.

Payment and a $25 late fee will be due at that time of late registration.




Summer 2024 Coming Soon

Leaderhip Camp

Leadership Camp

(Counselor Training)

Counselor Training Camp is a great way to get hands-on experience working with younger children. If you have a passion for working with kids this is the perfect fit for you. Our Counselor Training Camp co-exists with our Kid's Camp schedule above. This is a great opportunity for those who are too old to attend kids camp (older than 5th grade) but would still like to participate in camp.


The week of Kids Camp, Camp Counselors (that's you!) will arrive at 8:30am on Monday to review specifics for the upcoming week. Camp Counselors will learn the basics of planning and prepping lessons, teaching and executing activities, and learning leadership skills that will guide you in your school academics, extra curricular activities and future job opportunities. You will also meet with the camp director to review your role as well as the Kids Camp theme and schedule for the week. Counselor training is a great way to plan ahead


Before admission into camp as a counselor, you must apply for the program. Complete the application below and we will follow up within 48 hours of submission. 


Our Camp Counselors will be responsible for assisting the Head Camp Director throughout the day. In the mornings, Camp Counselors will either assist with our younger kids camp (Nursery School-PreK) or our older kids camp (Kindergarten-5th graders). Camp Counselor rates are only offered for the mornings. If you would like your child to attend camp in the afternoon they may attend as a camper. In the afternoons, Camp Counselors will help with our themed activities and will also get to join us on field trips. 

Register by week or pick your favorite Themes. You can view the themes under our Kid's Camp section above. 

What is an Arches Intern Certificate? 

Students who register for Counselor Training Camp will receive an Arches Intern Certificate; perfect to add to your resume for volunteering and/or work experience. The certificate is a confirmation of the hours completed with our Counselor Training Camp and will be presented once the week has been completed.


An Arches Intern Certificate is only awarded if the Counselor in training meets the following standards:

-Plans and executes lessons and activities

-Is professional dressed and groomed each day

- Follows direction and takes leadership in counselor tasks

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