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Intro to Middle School (grades 6-9)!

Arches Academy is Utah County's premier private school located in Orem, Utah, serving Preschool through 9th grades.  

Why middle school at Arches?

When a child experiences ah-ha moments every day it will excite them, engage them, and create an enthusiasm for learning that will set them on a trajectory for a life full of achievement.

As a private school Arches Academy can provide excellent, unfettered teaching utilizing leveled learning, gifted and talented methods, interactive learning, and curriculum that is whole-child oriented. 

  • Interactive learning

  • Field trips including overnight trips

  • Week long end-of-year trip

  • STEM

  • Leveled Learning

  • Small class sizes leads to all participating, no being invisible

  • Opportunities for leadership, rolls in plays

  • Visibility - Parents know what their child is doing at school

  • No bullying, no drugs, no disruptive students

  • Emotional safety, social safety, and academics

  • Accredited by AdvancEd

Contact us using the form on this page to get emails about our school and a copy of our ebook.  Come take a tour!

More Details! (because you loved the above)

Read our Middle School Page. Includes trip examples.

Visit our blog!  We hit on our favorite topics.  

Visit our news section.

Visit our Facebook page.

Read our Google reviews and Facebook reviews.

Read our blog post about how to choose a school for your children.

Watch our videos about our school; commentary from parents and teachers.

We love to give tours or talk on the phone.  You can schedule a phone call or a tour here and pick a time that works best.  We offer trial days for your children if you want to experience it first hand.

Year-round Open





280 South 400 E

Orem, Utah 84097

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