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At Arches, we have high expectations for students to develop and apply themselves in 5 core areas and provide a strong support system for their success in these areas. As students engage our unique core curriculum, they develop critical thinking skills and demonstrate competencies in the key areas of listening, speaking, reading, writing, mathematical foundations, and computational thinking. Our teachers foster curiosity and a balanced intellectual appetite in each of these subject areas. 

Singapore Math focuses on mastery, not memorization. It teaches visualization strategies that people who "get" math naturally possess to the students who "don't "leveling the playing field and giving all students the tools to think like a mathematician. The sequence of topics in Singapore math has also been carefully constructed, based upon child development theory, to include a pictorial approach that is often missing in other programs. Students are able to solidify their understanding as they visualize and then draw math concepts as a representative picture.

Hands-on learning and understanding processes are the key to our strong science curriculum. The Core Knowledge content is enhanced with live demonstrations, active student experiments, the building of models, and field trips to intriguing educational landscapes. Robotics, Advanced technology, math competitions, regional science fairs, and 3d printing are a few of the options available for our aspiring young minds. 


"You probably know that the tallest, strongest trees in the forest are those that are constantly challenged. This is what we wanted for our son and we found it at Arches Academy.  Arches provided an environment that instilled a strong foundation of accountability, critical thinking and leadership. They have a unique ability to teach based on individual needs and challenge in areas that need to be strengthened.  There is no doubt in our minds that the habits and skills he learned while at Arches have made him more prepared to stand tall in the forest of high school and life."


—  Justin and Paola, Arches Parents

Student Government

Student government is an excellent opportunity for students to further develop their leadership skills. 8th and 9th-grade students are eligible to run for offices. They create a vision for the school and what kind of impact they want to have as leaders. That vision guides them as they synergize to create fun and unique experiences for the student body.

Officers learn organization and delegation skills as they plan parties, service projects, school assemblies and more. With the help of their faculty facilitator, students plan, organize and execute these activities. 

Our student government members become aware of local and global needs and take initiative to be part of the solution. They certainly gain skills and self-confidence to succeed as leaders. 

This video was produced by our student government video team for a special Leader in Me assembly. Each week student government creates a video to celebrate the school Leaders of the Week. 


HeatherPeay (1 of 1).jpg

Heather Peay, 7th-9th Grade Teacher

"My classroom is a work-oriented environment, where students are self-motivated and able to freely communicate their ideas. They will receive guidance when necessary, but my overall goal is to build students’ critical thinking skills. I will do this by providing them the autonomy to investigate materials through student-centered discussions, hands-on activities, technology, and exploratory field trips. We have what is called “flexible seating” in my classroom: desks, chairs, a couch, and other areas are available for students to sit in freely, as long as they are following our class rules and are able to do their best work. I recognize that my students have individual learning styles and preferences. I am dedicated to providing a safe, respectful, and cooperative learning environment. I strive to be Firm, Fair, Friendly, and Fun!!!"

​Potential Field Trips

  • Timpanogos Storytelling Festival

  • Eco-Challenge field trip

  • BYU Paleontology Museum field trip

  • Fillmore Hot Springs field trip

  • STEM Festival 

  • WWII Plane field trip

  • Stories & S'mores campfire activity

  • Utah Shakespeare Festival

  • Irish Dance field trip

  • Snow skiing mini-course

  • Hare Krishna Temple

  • Kol Ami Synagogue

  • Holy Trinity Cathedral

  • Southern Utah Lava Tubes

  • Visit authors, potters, and artists

  • Escape room

  • Yellowstone National Monument

  • Atlanta (Human Rights trip in 2016/17 school year)

  • Hawaii (2017/18 school year)

  • Catalina, science

  • Boston (2018/19 school year)

  • New York (2019/20 school year)

  • Space Camp

  • Snowshoeing up Provo Canyon

  • Park City

  • Camp Floyd

  • Christmas Around the World

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