We Are Curious

We encourage students to ask questions, challenge their assumptions, and discover what they love about school.

Interactive Learning Empowering Kids

Arches Academy is a student-focused, teacher managed school. The partner teachers are experienced licensed professionals who have worked together for over 14 years.

Arches is their vision, a school where students aren’t tossed from grade to grade, but nurtured through their most formative decade by a master team of experts in their craft. Integrating cutting-edge technologies, emerging educational programs, local opportunities, parental expertise, and student interests, teachers at Arches carefully design the curriculum and artfully execute the student experience that inspires each one to climb to new heights.

Why Arches Academy?

“Arches Academy does big things in a small environment. This is just what my daughter needed after some mediocre years at our neighborhood school. Large class sizes, combined with her mostly agreeable personality, created an environment where she could quietly slip past the notice of well-intentioned, but overwhelmed teachers. We needed some tough love and some focused attention on both her strengths and weaknesses. The teachers and administrators at Arches have been able to provide that attention.

– Amy Jackson, Arches Parent

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