Come and spend your summer break with Arches Academy! Our camp directors have designed several programs to serve families with children Preschool through those entering 9th grade this fall. Aside from the many thematic camps we offer, campers entering 6th grade and up can also register for Counselor Training Camp, where they will join Arches Camp Directors in training, planning and teaching a week of camp. 

Our summer programs keep the freedom of summer break thriving while providing structure, safety and fun to your children. Our family at Arches Academy invites you to join us for an unforgettable summer!

Registration is due by Thursday at 4:00 pm for the following week of camp. Payment is due at the time of registration. If you miss the deadline but would still like to register, please contact the front desk at 801-374-5480 and ask about the week’s availability. If there is space available, the payment and a $25 late fee will be due at that time of registration. 

If you are interested in our payment plan options email




June 7-11: Splish Splash Treasure Island


Don your hat and eye patch and join the crew! We are sailing through this week and having a water play day every day! With treasure hunts, water balloon wars, homemade sailboat races and a trip to the splash pad, this week will be soaked 

in fun!

Join us for a summer of FUN! Each week we will be exploring a different theme, where learning and fun are combined to create an exciting week of adventure. Between Madness Mondays, Water Wednesdays and Field Trip Fridays, our week is full of activities and games.

Register by week or pick your favorite Themes!!!

Kids Camp is split into two levels. Our younger level is catered to students entering Pre-School-Kindergarten, while our second level is built for 1st-5th graders. For students 6th grade and up, we have camp counselor training and volunteer opportunities. View other camps.


If your camper is under the age of three and/or is not fully potty-trained, please register for mornings camps ONLY. Registration for afternoon or full day camps is unavailable.


As registration numbers rise, campers will be split into groups dependent on their age. Activities and field trips are subject to change depending on registration numbers and age.



May 24-28: Roll Into Summer


Our first week of summer fun is all about building momentum! Campers can bring their very own 'ride' to camp this week. We will be scooting, skating and rolling through each activity. We will head out to the Skate Park and Roller Skating Rink, play Scooter Tag, and create sculptures out of recycled bike parts. Let’s roll!




June14-18: Space Explorers 


Blast off! We’re journeying through the cosmos; creating Star Wars art, dodging asteroids (soaked sponges) and taking a trip through space, launching rockets with a pro and taking a trip to the planetarium!


June 1-4: Into the Wild (No Camp Monday)

Campers will go wild this week while we study animals and nature of all kinds! We will be taking nature hikes, playing animal charades and taking a camp-wide trip to the Hogle Zoo! We will even have some special visitors this week: real life animals!


June 21-25: Ancient Times


Join our crew as we head back in time! This week we are learning about dinosaurs, mummies and ancient empires. Our adventures will take us on virtual tours of age-old ruins and a field trip to the BYU Museum of Paleontology.


June 28-July 2: Mad Science


This week is full of curiosity and experiments.  We will be predicting, conducting and observing the various results from each experiment.  After a full week of analyzing and researching, we'll take a trip to The Bean Life Science Museum. Be prepared for a visit from the MAD Scientists themselves.

July 6-9: Disney Week (No Camp Monday)


Join us for a week of Magic! We'll discuss the magic of Disney himself, study the first versions of our dear friend Micky and enjoy a visit from a real life Character!  


July 12-16: Splish Splash Sea Creatures

This week we will take a deep dive into ocean life! We will be outside playing water games, studying marine life and taking a field trip to the aquarium! A special guest will join us this week to teach us all about the ocean blue.



July 19-23: Superheroes, Unite 


This week is going to be “super”! Campers will pick their very own superhero name for the week and have a professional personalized poster made to represent their hero and powers! We will create our own super suits and practice our skills at Hang Time Adventure Park! 


July 26-30: Wild Wild West


Yeehaw! Saddle up for this fun week in the wild, wild west. We will visit the Thanksgiving Point Petting Zoo for pony rides and wrangle up some fun crafts and games throughout the week! We will also have special guests: a cowboy and cowgirl team with their horse.


August 2-6: Magical Worlds


Come compete in the Arches House Cup Competitions! Select your own wand, mix up magical potions and catch the Snitch. At the end of this week, we will have a wizard perform some scientific magic!

August 9-13: Action and Adventure


Ever dream of being an action star? Now is your chance! This week we will be practicing with slingshots, taking scavenger hunt hikes and rock climbing. We will also be putting our ninja skills to the test with a water obstacle course and a trip to the Ninja Training Gym. 





9:00 am - 4:00 pm


MORNING (half day)

9 am - 12:30 pm


AFTERNOON (half day)

12:30 am - 4:00 pm


*Forms must be completed upon arrival.

*Payment must be completed at registration 




3...2...1....SUMMER. Each week will be filled with all things Tech: Robots, coding, 3D modeling, animation and more. Our Captain programs daily activities to fit all levels of Tech expertise; beginner, intermediate and advanced. 

Tech camp is built to support students entering 4th-9th grade in the Fall of 2021. For students interested in Tech Camp that don't quite meet grade level requirements, check out our Space week in Kids Camp. Please call for any further questions regarding a younger

student interested in Tech (801)374-5480.


Tech camp will only be held during the afternoon hours 12:30pm-4:00pm. Register for the Kid's Camp mornings to enjoy a full day of fun! Call (801)374-5480 regarding the full day discounts when registering for for a morning Kid's Camp and Tech Camp in the afternoon.



May 24-28: Coding: Introduction to Scratch


Have you ever wanted to create your own video game? Now you can! This week we will learn the basics of programming in Scratch by designing your very own self-programmed game. We'll follow a guide to create a unique, retro experience all your own.




June 14-18: Robotics: Lego Mindstorm


Our second week of robotics will build upon our last. However you don't need to have attended our previous week to enjoy this one. Students will experiment with building and programming their robots with the Lego Mindstorm kits. They will test them out on courses they and their campmates create. 


June 7-11: Intro to Robotics: Lego Mindstorm


Come enjoy some Robotic programming! Using the Lego Mindstorm kits, students will learn the basics of building and programming robots, and how to use sensors and programming skills to build a robot that can navigate any maze. Students will build an obstacle course for our robots, and see if they can create unique solutions to complex problems. We will also learn about real life robots, like the Perseverance rover on Mars. 


May 31-June 4: Coding: Scratch Programming

Come and learn about block programming! We will be designing a video games in Scratch and will have the opportunity to share our game with our fellow campers. It’s sure to be a week to remember.


June 21-25: Intro to 3D Modeling and Printing


In this course, we will be learning the basics of 3D modeling using the Blender. We will start with a snowman, move to a building and the skies will be the limit as students learn to navigate professional 3D development software. At the end of this course, students will get to take home a small 3D print of one of their creations!


June 28-July 2: 3D Modeling and Printing


Our second week of 3D will be focused on creating something out of nothing. We will be imagining, designing and printing a unique 3D creation all of our own. We will take a deep dive into modeling and printing by conceptualizing and bringing our wildest ideas to life! 

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July 5-9: NO CAMP


Looking for a Camp to substitute for this week? Check out our Thematic Kids Camp for afternoons or full days!


July 12-16: Introduction to Animation in 2D


This week we will study some of the basic principles of animation, including timing, spacing, weight, anticipation, action, and reaction! Come spend time with us as we learn how to animate a bouncing ball, a swinging pendulum, and a funny walk cycle.