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The 7c's of the 21st Century

We prepare our students to thrive wherever their future takes them. At Arches academy, we use the 7 C’s as an easy reminder of what we are all striving for. We focus on these themes in our curriculum, activities, and throughout  the school day. We are:


Curious and Inquisitive: We encourage students to ask questions that challenge their assumptions and to dig deeper when they think they’ve learned all they could. 


Collaborators: We teach students that they can achieve great things by utilizing each individual’s expertise while working toward a common goal. 


Critical and Computational Thinkers: We challenge students to use reason and reflection to problem solve and guide their ideas.  


Community Builders: We treat our school like a family and know the value of an inviting, productive and cheerful environment. 


Communicators: We discover new ways to share our ideas and respectfully discuss our beliefs with open minds. 


Creative and Innovative: We push students to think outside of the box to make their education a tangible, creative process.

Connected Global Citizens: We invite students to explore new cultures and to learn about communities and people who are different from themselves.

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