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We start our day with a health check and a warm greeting from administration and hand sanitizer before heading into the gym to drop off our backpacks and belongings before heading into our homeroom class. Our morning meetings include the Pledge of Allegiance, Calendar, and a review of the day’s schedule. 


Throughout the day we visit a variety of subjects. During our Language Arts, we study reading, writing and phonics through playful learning activities. Our hands-on math lessons and activities build a strong foundation in a number of concepts. We also have social studies, science classes, leveled reading groups and centers for each student to learn and grow. 


We believe that recess is an important part of the school day for our students . Physical well-being is linked to higher academic achievement, so First Grade enjoys multiple breaks throughout the day. 


Aside from the academic classes listed above, student's at Arches Academy enjoy a fun-filled afternoon of extracurriculars like Music, Art, Drama, PE, STEAM and Foreign Language. 


Friday afternoons are extra special! While some school may take the afternoon off, we choose to take this time as an opportunity to teach students topics of their choice. We call this program, M.I.S.S.I.O.N.S. Missions are specialized classes where the subject is determined by the students. The class can decide to learn about anything from secret agents to sewing, soccer to robotics, and so much more. 

If our students aren't quite ready to head home at the end of the day, you may choose to extend their learning opportunities in one of our after school programs developed for a variety of ages and interests. 

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