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Our family loves Arches Academy and would never consider putting our kids anywhere else. The close personal relationships that our daughters have with each of their teachers and the administration is so unique and so valuable. It has done so much for their confidence and their ability to learn.


The teachers at Arches Academy work incredibly hard and are extremely dedicated.   They genuinely care about each of the students and their families. The classes are small and the students get more one-on-one attention than anywhere else.


Arches Academy provides a well-rounded education, focusing not just on academics but on providing opportunities for creative learning as well. Our kids have had the opportunity to go on some amazing field trips where they have had tremendous hands-on learning experiences that will last a lifetime.


Enrolling in Arches Academy is the best thing we ever did for our kids.  The teachers at Arches partner with the students and their parents to make sure that each child's need are individually addressed.  ‎We genuinely feel like we are a part of an academic family who truly cares about each other. In a world where most kids are trying to figure out where they belong, there is nothing more important than that.


~ Brian & Leslie Gallacher


Arches Academy does big things in a small environment.  This is just what my daughter needed after some mediocre years at our neighborhood school.  Large class sizes, combined with her mostly agreeable personality, created an environment where she could quietly slip past the notice of well-intentioned, but overwhelmed teachers.  We needed some tough love and some focused attention on both her strengths and weaknesses.  The teachers and administrators at Arches have been able to provide that attention.  One of my favorite things about Arches is their Singapore math curriculum.  It focuses on learning math concepts in a three-step process: concrete (use blocks, chips, or other objects to set up a problem), pictorial (drawing a picture of the problem), and abstract (using numbers and symbols).  They tackle fewer concepts, but do it on a much deeper level.  My daughter’s “math sense” has improved dramatically.  She can solve problems she hasn’t seen before because she can dissect them and figure out what they are really asking.  I am grateful for the dedicated teachers and administrators at Arches for helping with this transformation.  We look forward to another year of growth, friends, and fun at Arches.


~ Amy Jackson



Mrs. Warnick-


Kristen and I cannot fully express our gratitude to the Arches faculty for all that this year has meant to Keilani, and our family.  Thank you just doesn't seem to cut it, but unfortunately it's all we have to offer.


We spent the entire spring and summer of 2014 touring and applying to just about every charter school in Utah Valley.  We kept searching and praying for "the best opportunity" for Keilani, for "a great teacher at a great school with kind friends and classmates".  Arches academy has exceeded any hopes or expectations we could have possibly had!


Going into kindergarten we felt Keilani had a solid foundation, but her incredible academic progress this school year has clearly been due to EXCELLENT teachers in a nurturing environment.   Her confidence and social skills have grown significantly as a result of her exposure to the Arches community.  It is truly a unique place and feel because of incredible teachers, parents, and students.  


Please accept and share our most heartfelt (although inadequate) thanks to you, the Watabe family, Miss Francom, Miss M & M, and all faculty members.  We are honored to have had the Arches experience and are indebted to you for it.


Please let us know how we can help going forward.




~ The Bingham Family




What could a great school teach a child if the school effectively uses the hours the child is there?  

Arches Academy is a school full of administration and teachers that love to teach and love what they do.  (I even overheard one of the staff at the grocery store telling somebody how much they love their job.)  If you imagine what great educators are and what great educators do, I think that would describe the staff at Arches.  They are emotionally committed to the school and the children – they aren’t just punching the clock or counting the days until retirement. 


Why I like Arches Academy:

  • They use Singapore math and the Leader In Me program from Stephen Covey (like 7 Habits but for a school). 

  • Arches uses leveled learning so if your child is ahead or behind in a core subject, they will receive teaching at the level that is appropriate for them.

  • Students receive exposure to more topics/classes because the teachers effectively use their time.

  • Interesting mini-courses that the kids enjoy.

  • They utilize out-of-class learning such as field trips, hands on learning, etc.  Examples: Utah Lyric Opera visited the school, 4/5 grade has done a trip to Dinosaur National Monument, 6th grade trip to Catalina island, BYU’s Christmas Around the World, plus regular local field trips.

  • The administration asks for parent input on curriculum, on what is going well, and on what may need improvement. 

  • If I come in the building to pick up my kids, the teachers are in the school and proactively stop to talk with me about my children.  I don’t have to wait for a parent teacher’s conference to hear about things.  I can know right now what they need to do better, if they are struggling with something, if they misbehave, etc. 

  • I know what my kids do at school.  I used to joke that I was going to strap a GoPro camera to my son’s head so I could see what was going on at his last school.

  • I know the staff by name and they know my name. 

  • Since the school is small, I likely already know the teacher my child will have next year.  I don’t have to worry and hope that my kids get “the good teacher” like other schools.

  • I love it when my kids ask if tomorrow is a school day and they are happy when the answer is “Yes.”


~ Chris Wood

"Arches Academy has strong values towards education as well as helping each child grow socially. Each child is treated as an individual. It is a small, close-knit, family community."


"I love it! I'm so happy my kids can be in this school."



"We've been very happy with our decision to enroll Drake here and would recommend this school to all of our friends!"


"Arches has given my child a new interest in learning, where he had given up in the ordinary public school. At Arches his confidence has grown, increasing his desire to participate and succeed."


"Arches has empowered my son in all that he does."


"Arches makes learning fun."


"My son feels loved, respected and needed."

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"Arches has THE most 'can-do' empowered environment for children I've seen. I love their positive spin on every aspect of learning. I've never met a more forward-thinking team of professional educators. Love you Arches!"

                          -- Anne

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