Our Belief

  • All students are capable of learning and are equipped with innate talents and multiple intelligences. Recognizing, training, and enhancing these talents empower students to achieve their highest potential in core academic subjects and beyond.

  • There are essential elements that contribute to the education of a child: namely, attitude and ability of the student; support of home and community; and a nurturing, yet challenging educational environment.

  • A school should nurture a climate in which the worth of each individual is continually affirmed, and in which students can have meaningful experiences in a stimulating environment where they feel safe, inspired, challenged, and creative.

  • An educational program must be comprehensive, develop critical thinking skills, foster curiosity and a balanced intellectual appetite, encourage practices for a healthy body and mind, and teach how to cope with a changing and global society.  As part of that comprehensive program, special efforts must be made to ensure that students demonstrate competencies in the critical areas of listening, speaking, reading, writing, mathematical foundations, and computational thinking.  Students should also have an understanding and appreciation for the impact that arts, science, and technology have on each person’s life and the world.


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