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Nursery School (Age 2)


Our new two-year-old class is designed to set your child up with the basic knowledge to prepare them for a structured preschool environment. 


The curriculum we use in Nursery School is based on the Core Knowledge Preschool Scope and Sequence and has been carefully aligned to the best practices to be developmentally appropriate for 2- year-olds. We focus on:

  • Autonomy and Social Skills 

  • Oral Language Development

  • Storybook Listening, Understanding, and Storytelling

  • Emerging Literacy Skills 

  • Mathematical Reasoning and Number Sense

The daily schedule also includes time for project work, read aloud, sensory play, dramatic play, social skills, autonomy skills, PE, STEAM, Art, Music, Drama, and Library. 

For more information, please email

Preschool (Age 3)

Why preschool at Arches?

We are experts at teaching children and we love when we can start when our students are young and help them learn and grow!

  • Most preschools are not accredited, we are!

  • Preschool is the foundation to a child's success!  We offer a literacy program, math skills, and arts, all at their level.

  • Imaginative play and learning!  Example: The PreK Pet Clinic!

  • We include our PreK in our school-wide performances.

  • Our PreK teachers have access to the specialty classes and teachers that teach our older students.  Our PreK students get a much broader exposure to a variety of subjects than other schools.

  • This isn't daycare.  This is a school of experts educating your child!

  • Small classes and fun field trips!

  • Customize the schedule for your child's needs.

Program Options

  • Full-day or Half-day

  • Every day (Recommended) or M/W/F or T/Th

Full Day  8:30am-3:15pm

Morning Half Day 8:30-11:30am

Afternoon Half Day 12:15-3:15pm

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