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Alma & Bloomz

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Alma (think alma mater), is our student information system for academic information. Parents and students should log in* to Alma frequently (at least weekly) to:

  • obtain information on student classes and assignments, including deadlines

  • review report cards

  • access the school calendar

  • receive critical messages 


Teachers update grades on Alma each Friday. ​

You can opt-in to receive a "missing assignments" email weekly that lets you know if your student has not turned in school work.

*Login info for Alma is sent to your personal email after your student has been enrolled.

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Bloomz is our primary method of communicating with parents. Teachers and administration use Bloomz to:

  • send weekly updates on class and school activities

  • notify about upcoming field trips

  • schedule parent/teacher conferences

  • ask for volunteers

  • alert parents to schedule changes, late starts, snow days, and school closures

  • post pictures and videos of class and school events

Bloomz is available as an app for your phone! 

Download the app for easy access to all that is happening at school. 

*Login info for Bloomz is by invitation only. Parents receive an email to join Bloomz once their student has enrolled.

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