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How is Arches Academy different from other schools in the area? With small class sizes and a liberal arts focus, our teachers strive to create an environment where students can explore their interests and make discoveries in a focused and teacher-assisted way. We base our curriculum on the Common Core, however that is only a starting point. Our teachers are free to delve into subjects and areas that benefit their individual students.


We follow the gifted and talented approach with every student. This means that students are encouraged to follow their passions and persue projects that excite them. These projects are often done with other students and always under the guidance of a teacher. Projects also fall under the teacher's curriculum. With our leveled-learning approach, no

student is left behind. 


We have a rigorous academic schedule supplemented with more specialty classes than can be found in public school. We offer music, yoga, dance, physical education, student government, and a host of other classes for a well-rounded educational experience. 

We believe in a global perspective. 


Arches Academy is the only Pre-K through 9th grade school in Utah Valley able to issue  I-20 visas. We have had students from Korea, Japan, Brazil, Australia, The United Kingdom, and many more countries around the world attend our program. The fresh perspective these students bring is invaluable to our school culture. We appreciate everything that we learn from each other here at Arches Academy. 



Admissions: Find out more about the international student admissions process 




Voted #1 Private School

in Utah County 2 Years in a Row!
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