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Welcome to Arches Academy

When a child experiences ah-ha moments every day it will excite them, engage them, and create an enthusiasm for learning that will set them on a trajectory for a life full of achievement.

Arches Academy provides excellent, unfettered teaching utilizing leveled learning, gifted and talented methods, interactive learning, and curriculum that is whole-child oriented. 

Students at Arches Academy come from Utah as well as many different parts of the world. We welcome the diversity of talents, perspective, culture and voice that contribute to our unique educational environment.


Our Students are:

• Leaders​

• Global Citizens​

• Responsible and Hard Working​

• Confident, Positive, and Cheerful

• Respectful ​

• Cooperative and Problem Solvers​

• Team Players​

• Organized and Well-Rounded​

• Creative, Imaginative, and Inventive​

• Inspired and Self-Motivated

Missions and History

"Arches has THE most 'can-do' empowered environment for children I've seen. I love their positive spin on every aspect of learning. I've never met a more forward-thinking team of professional educators. Love you Arches!"

                          -- Anne

Experience the enjoyment of learning

We believe an educational program must be comprehensive, develop critical thinking skills, foster curiosity and a balanced intellectual appetite, encourage practices for a healthy body and mind, and teach how to cope with a changing and global society.  As part of that comprehensive program, special efforts must be made to ensure that students demonstrate competencies in the critical areas of listening, speaking, reading, writing, mathematical foundations, and computational thinking.  Students should also have an understanding and appreciation for the impact that arts, science, and technology have on each person’s life and the world.

Develop kind, responsible leaders

We believe a proper education should prepare students to be contributing citizens in our world community in which individuals are constantly engaged in collaboration, problem-solving, and experiential learning.  Educated and prepared students demonstrate a commitment to being positive, involved global citizens who recognize their responsibilities, as well as their opportunities, as a part of the broader community.


We use the Leader-in-me program powered by Franklin-Covey education, which aids in every day activities.

Reach their greatest potential

An arch’s beauty and strength are the result of carefully distributed loads satisfying natural laws and scientific principles. It’s intricacy and artistry are built on solid foundations. At Arches Academy, we work together to create a balanced environment where each student can discover these foundational principles for themselves, leading them to erect personal monuments of great achievement.

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