Parent / Teacher Interviews

Getting to Know Arches Academy

Learn from our teachers, parents, and students about why Arches Academy is different than other schools in the area. Learn about some of our processes, our classes, and more!

Why Arches Academy Students Love Coming to School!

See students from Arches Academy talk about what makes their school so special, and why they love coming everyday!

What Makes Arches Academy So Special?

Annette Warnick, founder and head of Arches Academy, goes through many of the things that make Arches Academy stand apart from other schools in the area. This includes small class sizes, hands on learning, engaging field trips and activities, and an environment where parents feel their child is safe and loved. You can come visit Arches Academy today and see for yourself!

Would Parents Recommend Arches Academy?

Mitch, father of two students at Arches Academy, discusses some of the reasons why he recommends Arches Academy to anyone looking for the best educational experience for their child.

Why These Parents Chose Arches Academy and Why They Stay

See why Julianna and Aaron Westberg chose Arches Academy for their 3 children. These parents really value our small classes, personalized education, and incredible teachers.

The Academic, Social, and Emotional Benefits of Arches Academy

Michelle Templeman, our Assistant Head of School and mother of four Arches Academy students, talks about how she never hears her children ask "when will I use math?" and also how incredible field trips make learning and history a first-hand experience for her kids. This amazing academic experience plus a safe social and emotional environment is the best way to invest in your children and their future.

Why Arches Parents Love Leveled Learning

Chris Wood is an Arches parent with two children who attend Arches Academy. Hear his story about why leveled learning works for his children, and why he loves that his kids get to move ahead at their own speed, without being held back.

Why Fine Arts Programs are Vital at Arches Academy

Kristi, an Arches mom, was shocked at the over-crowded and too-tight classrooms in Utah's public schools. When she moved her daughter to Arches Academy, not only was she part of a much more vibrant, hands-on educational experience, she was able to develop her confidence, social skills, and performance talent as the lead in the annual school musical.

Why Arches Academy Middle School is Unique

Our wonderful 6/7 teacher, Anna Jorgensen, talks about her experience teaching at Arches Academy, including an incredibly united faculty, strong parental support, and a class structure and size that allows for individualized student attention and incredible experiences for the students!

International Families

Ron's Story: Why International Families Choose Arches Academy

Ron is one of our star international students. He came from China to attend Arches Academy and the experience was a huge success. Here his parents discuss why they chose Arches Academy for their son.

How Arches Academy Helps International Students (English Interview) 

This Arches Academy dad talks about why his daughter came from Japan to attend this school. They both love Arches Academy because it has provided her a great education, made her feel safe, and helped her prepare for the future.

How Arches Academy Helps International Students (Japanese Interview)

Japanese language interview with one of our Arches parents discussing the benefits Arches Academy has provided for his daughter.