Teacher Spotlight: Julie Inglish, Kindergarten

Where were you born?

I was born in Mesa, Arizona

Who was your favorite teacher in school & why?

My favorite teacher in school was my 4th grade teacher. Her name was Mrs. Doubek. I loved her. She was kind and inspiring. She loved to read, and I loved when she would read to us in class. My favorite book she read was James and the Giant Peach. She made the book magical. She motivated me to be my best self and do my best work. I remember wanting to be very responsible and turn in all of my work because she believed in me and knew I was capable of greatness.

Why did you decide to be a teacher?

I don’t feel that I decided to be a teacher, I feel that it chose me. I know that I came to this earth with a special gift to share, that of a true and genuine love of and for children. Ever since I was a little girl, I loved my teachers and I loved “playing” teacher. My parents got me a big chalkboard and I would spend hours teaching my pretend class. One of my best Christmas presents was a bundle of old, used teacher manuals my mom had asked a teacher for. I cherished them. Being around children makes me truly happy. They love and trust in such a beautiful and pure way.

What is your favorite part of being a teacher?

I love getting down on their level, looking into their beautiful faces and reminding them of how special they are and what they are truly capable of. I love teaching them and seeing them grow. It is so fulfilling every single day.

Share an example of a student having an “AH-HA” moment in your classroom.

I love sitting on the floor with my kids, handing them each their own chalkboard and chalk and writing the letters of the alphabet with them, one at a time. I show them how to write the letter first on my chalkboard. Then, I tell them to write their own. At first, they think they can’t. It seems too hard. Then I tell them to “just try!” I absolutely love when they try and they get so excited when their letter looks like mine. Their excitement is incredible to experience. They have so many “Ah-ha” moments just in this one exercise. I love it!

What is the most important thing that you want your students to take from your class?

The most important things that I want them to take away from my class are these: I know that I am special and unique. I know Mrs. Inglish believes in me. I can use my voice in a kind and bold way to stand for what I believe. I am responsible for myself: through my words, my actions and my reactions. I can think win-win and try again, and again, and again.

What makes Arches Academy so special and why do you like working here?

Arches Academy is special to me because it is filled with teachers that love to teach. It makes such a big difference when a teacher loves to teach. I love how the admin loves children and want what is best for them. I love working here because I feel respected, valued and trusted. I feel listened to and that I have something special to offer our students.


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