Preschool Six Week Recap

Here are just a few of the things our Preschoolers have done in the last few weeks!

  • Head of School Hike: They participated in our all-school hike up the beautiful Utah canyons!

  • Big Red Barn Field Trip: The class got to visit our local Big Red Barn, see animals, and have an engaging and educational experience!

  • French Round Table: Students in ALL foreign language classes viewed a presentation by the French class to expand their cultural horizons and see what the other foreign language classes were learning. This included student created exhibits, songs, and delicious crepes! Soon it will be the Spanish and German classes turn to host!

Grandparent’s Day: Every year Arches Academy hosts an all-school Grandparents day, where family members and special guests can come see and participate in what their grandchildren are learning and experiencing every day at Arches!

  • Captain Louis: The Preschoolers and other classes attended the play, Captain Louis, at the Scera Performing Arts Center. They had a wonderful time!

  • Orem Library Field Trip: The Preschoolers visited the Orem Library for a wonderful literary experience and an exciting storytime!

  • Teddy Bear Picnic: The students each brought a special teddy bear or stuffed animal friend and brought them for a fun class picnic at a nearby park!

  • Fire Station Picnic: Students got to visit a real fire-station, climb aboard firetrucks, and meet real firefighters!

  • STEAM and Math Shapes: We start our students learning STEM and Math principles from the very beginning! Our PreK students are learning about computers, engineering, numbers, shapes, and more!

  • Apple Week: During Appleweek, the preschool students participated in apple-themed group activities, tried bites of all the different kinds of apples, as well as homemade applesauce and other apple treats!

What has YOUR Preschooler done lately?


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