What was YOUR Parent Teacher Conference like?

Imagine what your Parent Teacher Conference COULD look like:

  • Coordinated directly with the teacher

  • It’s just one of many times you have spoken with and heard from your child’s teacher

  • The teacher already knows your name and face

  • A full fifteen minutes to go through specific questions

  • Closed door and total privacy to make sure you feel comfortable addressing the most important issues

  • No matter the struggles your child may be facing, the teacher is encouraging and helpful

  • In the areas where your student is thriving, the teacher knows how to move them along even further

  • The teacher can translate scores, numbers, and data into practicable knowledge that you can easily understand and follow

  • Your child’s teacher presents not just scores and numbers, but shows knowledge of your child as an individual. She knows their strengths, their interests, and their personality

  • The teacher knows how your child is getting along socially. She knows who their friends are, who they sit by, and who they talk to at lunch

  • The teacher also knows how their class relates to your child’s other classes, and how they’re getting along overall

Think of the number of hours your child spends with their teachers each day. They are helping to shape your child and your child’s future. Your experience with Parent Teacher Conferences should make it clear that this is a joint endeavor, highly individualized, and incredibly personal. Your child deserves nothing less.


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