The Problem with Not Being a Problem

Contrary to what we might think, there are some possible hidden disadvantages to NOT being a “problem child.”

  • The student is bored to death by the homework, but the teacher has no idea or isn’t concerned about it.

  • The student receives very little attention, because the teacher is spending her time managing other kids who are causing more trouble or need more help.

  • A bright student who causes no fuss can spend hours of their school day being unengaged, unproductive, and not learning.

  • If the teacher is unable to get to know each child individually, they are unable to stretch their minds and your child won’t have the “ah-hah” moments that are so important in education.

  • These smart students often test well, and then feel turned off by homework, which for them is mere “busywork.”

  • Parents may feel that they have to supplement their children’s education, and wonder what the school is doing with their students for so many hours a day.

  • Parents may also feel that the teacher doesn’t truly know their child, and how smart and capable they are.

  • Your gut tells you that your child’s educational situation isn’t quite right.

  • Children who were initially excited about school can lose their enthusiasm.

  • Good students become invisible. Are they being stretched, helped, and pushed to excel?

  • All kids hate school, right? No, children don’t naturally hate school. Children love learning and love exploring new things. Hating school is a learned attitude based on their experiences.

  • Dialog might sound something like:

“So how was your day?”


“What did you do?”


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