Teacher Spotlight: Anna Jorgensen, 6/7

  • Ms. Jorgensen was born in Mesa, Arizona.

  • Favorite teacher: My 8th grade science teacher because he told the best stories and had awesome experiments.

  • She decided to be a teacher because she loves turning learning into an exciting and positive adventure.

  • Favorite part of teaching: “My favorite part is the activities we do together as groups and as a class while we are learning.”

  • Spotlight Moment: “We were doing a science experiment in class. We had already discussed the concept and taken notes. However, it was the actual action of the experiment that brought the concept home. It was, "wait I understand now, that's awesome I can see what you were talking about." From there they explained the whole process back to me and how they saw everything connected. That is the kind of action that makes a teacher love teaching and all the work they put into it worth it.”

  • The number one thing she hopes students take from her class is that learning is what you make of it. School is only boring if you let it be. Anything can be turned into something new and exciting if you are willing to let it happen. It is all in your attitude and your ultimate goal.

  • Top Quote: ““Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”- Mahatma Gandhi

  • “Our classroom will be filled with exploratory projects, learning mistakes, new ideas and exploration of old ideas.”

  • “I have taught at all kinds of schools both public and private. Arches is my favorite. It's an environment that encourages kids to love learning. Students want to come to school because they know they are going to learn and enjoy it. The teachers at Arches love the students and want each one to achieve their best. It is obvious with the energy and work that goes into each lesson. Plus the individualistic given to each student is one of a kind at Arches. The students know this and love their teachers. It is an respectful environment for the everyone. I couldn't ask for a better school to work at.”


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