Why Arches Academy Could Be The Answer

Why Arches Academy could be the answer to your child’s educational success!

Problem? Solution!

Think of the last time your child’s report card came home...

Was it everything you hoped for? Were you aware of what your child was learning during the term? Were you made aware of anything they had missed? Was this the first conversation with your child’s teacher this year? Was your child coming home happy after a full day at school? Was the answer to your question of “What did you do today at school?” full of enthusiasm or more of a shrug coupled with a mumbled “I don’t know” or “Nothing”?

If the school year is not shaping up to be all that it should be, the reality is that the rest of the year is likely going to be the same! We have a lot of students join us throughout the year when parents have had enough with mediocre schooling and don’t want to waste another term, semester, or one more minute.

Take control of your child’s education. It is true that “You don’t know what you don’t know”, until you see a better educational model and realize all that was missing from your child’s day without knowing it was. Often this happens because we trust that our children’s schools and educators are doing what is best for our child. Often, that is impossible for even the best of teachers with 30 (or more) students in a classroom!

Also, that trust sometimes keeps us from really finding out and investigating what our children are currently experiencing and getting to engage each day, and comparing it to all that it could really be. Arches Academy is an accredited private school in Orem, Utah that specializes in individualized education with the philosophy that ALL students are gifted in some way. Our class sizes are small, with an average of 15 students in a classroom. Our teachers regularly communicate with parents and students--sometimes even through texts and pictures of that days class activities! We believe learning happens both in and out of the classroom and have some amazing field trips for all grades - Pre K through 9th!

Our students are leaders both within our school and the surrounding community. We teach the Leader In Me program (7 Habits of Happy Kids by FranklinCovey) explicitly and laced throughout each class. When children develop these executive function skills, they experience lifelong benefits.

Does your school value and offer STEM, Fine Arts, Physical Education, Foreign Language on top of solid Literacy and Math? Our students enjoy all of these subjects with qualified, dedicated teachers and bright, talented peers. We believe in a balanced approach that includes these subjects is integral to developing well-rounded, lifelong learners.

Arches Academy teachers use the state standards as a springboard or scaffolding from which to begin creating the curriculum. Each year they consider their group of students, both as a team and as individuals, and further construct an engaging exciting curriculum that goes above and beyond any state minimums. Each child is empowered to stretch to their highest potential and is given generous support and guidance to do so.

Arches Academy uses Singapore Math. (See our separate blog post on this amazing program!) This robust math program is broad and deep, giving students a firm mathematical foundation through these unique elements:

  • Concrete->pictorial->abstract approach

  • More in-depth conceptual understanding

  • Aligned with national and international standards

  • Teaches children to think mathematically

  • Strong emphasis on problem solving

Our Preschool students begin at the Kindergarten math level and many of our other students are above grade level too! Arches Academy students excel at most subjects they engage in because they have the right individual support from teachers, enjoy learning, work hard, gain confidence, and feel empowered to take on challenges.

Find out what you don’t know! One of the most common comments we get from new parents at our school is that they didn’t realize what great education entails, what it could do for their child, and how much their child was missing at their previous school.

Come in to Arches Academy or click on our website,, to set up a tour. See for yourself why Arches Academy is helping to provide parents and students a better education every day!


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