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We have adopted a robust Language Arts plan that develops mastery of language; including oral skills, auditory skills, preliminary writing skills and a rich vocabulary and background knowledge base.  This program builds a strong foundation in cooperation with Kindergarten, with each year building on the previously taught content. We use Core Knowledge Language Arts to provide developmentally appropriate activities and content and language-rich curriculum.

Our math program is a series of interactive, hands-on lessons and games designed to give students a deep understanding of mathematic fundamentals including numbers, geometry, sorting and classifying, patterns, measurement, and data collection. Arches Academy differentiates itself from other programs by taking time to consistently practice building and breaking apart number using physical items. This creates a deep understanding of numbers that is foundational to becoming a child who "gets" math.

We recognize the responsibility to nurture students mentally, emotionally, socially, and physically. Our teachers create caring communities of learning in our small class sizes where each student feels safe and confident to take the risks of learning new things. PreK students take a wide variety of specialist's classes to enrich their whole selves and develop their many talents: P.E. yoga, musical theater, foreign language, art, science, social studies, music, drama, and mini-courses.













Social Wellbeing

For many three and four-year-olds, social opportunities are few and far between.  Preschool provides a natural place to cultivate crucial social skills.  A child learns empathy, negotiating skills, and how to communicate, every time they come into the classroom.  These skills can be learned later in life, but a child who learns early how to play with others will have a distinct advantage in all later classroom settings.

Preschool allows a safe place for children to experiment with play since most of the children are at the same level socially.  Learning through play is the work of children this age.  

Preschool also teaches a child how to function in a classroom setting.  Often young elementary students are labeled as “difficult” if they don’t understand how a classroom functions.  By attending preschool, a child learns early how to respect others’ opinions, share ideas, and take turns.

Meet a Teacher

Emily Ralls 2020.jpg

Emily Ralls, PreKindergarten

"PreK is the BEST! I’m Emily Ralls and this is my 15th year teaching PreK! I’ve been privileged to teach at Arches Academy for nearly five years now. My teaching philosophy, in a nutshell, is that if a child feels safe and loved, they can learn just about anything! I love Arches Academy and the dedication to a balanced education for every student! I believe that when parents and teachers work together, every child can succeed."


What if my child is already reading?  

Great! Many of our students can! Our teachers have small group and one-on-one time built into their schedule to help challenge each child at their own level. 


Which program option do you recommend for PreK?  

We recommend one of the everyday options as lessons are not repeated but build on each other.

How does your program prepare students for Kindergarten? 
Students will gain all the foundational skills they need to succeed at any program, but they are particularly prepared to continue in our Arches Academy programs, which are deeper and more advanced than other programs. 

Will my child be in the school play?  

Yes! Each year Arches Academy performs a musical, and all PreK students participate. They also participate in music concerts, our science fair, and special events throughout the year. 

What sets Arches Academy apart?  

Arches is the perfect blend of play, hands-on learning, rigor, and whole child development for preschool. We give each child the “talented and gifted” teaching model, filled with field trips and student interest-led learning.