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Preschool is the foundation to a child's success

Why choose a preschool, and Arches Academy in particular? Read on to see all the benefits your child can receive through a robust, well rounded early education.

Preschool sets the tone for a child’s attitude toward learning.

A child who feels loved and safe is a child who can learn. Preschool sets the tone for a child’s approach to school. If your child learns early that school is a fun, safe place to try new things, meet new people, and explore the world, he or she will develop a love of learning that will last their whole life. Selecting a school that focuses on the whole child will make all the difference.

Preschool is a great opportunity for social interaction with peers.

For many three and four year olds, social opportunities are few and far between. Preschool provides a natural place to cultivate crucial social skills. A child learns empathy, negotiating skills, and how to communicate, every time they come into the classroom. These skills can be learned later in life, but a child who learns early how to play with others will have a distinct advantage in all later classroom settings.

Preschool allows a safe place for children to experiment with play since most of the children are at the same level socially. Learning through play is the work of children this age.

Preschool also teaches a child how to function in a classroom setting. Often young elementary students are labelled as “difficult” if they don’t understand how a classroom functions. By attending preschool, a child learns early how to respect others’ opinions, share ideas, and take turns.

Preschool teaches Literacy.

A good preschool should have a literacy program in place. We use the Utah State Curriculum as a guide and then go even further; our students learn how to not only recognize letters and their sounds, but how to read (using proven phonics based interactive lessons), how to sound out words for beginning spelling skills, and how to write both upper and lower case letters. Our students are reading BEFORE Kindergarten and the benefits of that carry over well into their elementary education.

Preschool teaches Math Skills.

Arches Academy uses Singapore Math throughout the school and PreK is no exception. By using the same program and teaching methods used throughout the school, an Arches PreK student gains a crucial mathematical foundation that will serve them well into their schooling.

Preschool teaches science, the arts, and more.

If the above didn’t separate Arches Academy’s Preschool, then this definitely does. Our preschool students have the unique opportunity to attend classes full time, Monday through Friday. This allows your preschooler to be exposed to specialized classes he or she won’t find anywhere else! Our PreK receives P.E., yoga, foreign language, technology, art, music, drama, and science instruction, from qualified teachers who tailor their curriculum to be age appropriate and highly engaging. And our field trips are always fun and educational!

Update! We felt so strongly about this topic, we wrote PART 2. Please read it here!

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