Our class has grown so much and the kids are playing so well together!

Nursery School

A formative educational experience for 2-year-olds

At Arches Academy, we strive to create a strong foundation for our youngest students. We believe in educating the whole child, supporting and expanding the academic, emotional, physical, and social abilities of our students. Our qualified teacher spends one-on-one time with each student each day, teaching and encouraging them to speak up, learn new skills, and make new friends.  

We preserve small class sizes to support the best learning environment possible for our Nursery students. A variety of schedules are available to accommodate student readiness and parent's calendar. 

Today we learned about healthy foods and junk foods or foods that make our tummy happy and foods that make our tummy sad. They are so cute and so smart! They always keep the conversations going.

It was great to be back with the class today! They are such amazing kids. We had a great day full of learning and playing!

We’ve had so much fun today! We played with our new foam slime. We learned how to play duck duck goose and we learned how to cut our own bananas using popsicle sticks (to ensure no cut fingers)! ;)

Today we talked about healthy habits and why it is important to wash our fruits, veggies, and dishes!


The curriculum used in Nursery School is based on the Core Knowledge Preschool Scope and Sequence and is designed to prepare students for Preschool at Arches. The curriculum has been carefully aligned with best practices to be developmentally appropriate for 2 and 3-year-olds.


Our dynamic program includes time for project work (a thematic unit of study), read aloud, emergent literacy skills, foundational math concepts, sensory play, dramatic play, social skills, autonomy skills, PE, STEAM, Art, Music, Drama, library, and field trips!

Topics that will be covered this year include: 

  • Shapes: circle, square, triangle

  • Colors: black, blue, brown, green, orange, purple, red, white, yellow

  • Opposites: big-little, cold-hot, dry-wet, full-empty, happy-sad, open-close

  • Position Words: in-out, in front of-behind, at the top of-at the bottom of, under-over, in a line/row, up-down

  • Drawing/Coloring: vertical line, horizontal line, points, line connecting two dots, dictates captions for own drawings, colors simple pictures staying mostly in the lines, begins to write own name with high levels of support. 

  • Letters: identifies letters in their own name, puts together a puzzle of letters in their own name. Goes beyond as ready individually

  • Art: Glues, tears, and folds paper. Uses a variety of mediums including paints, colored pencils, markers, crayons, and modeling clay. Begins to use scissors with high levels of support.

  • Math: Sort by shape and color, AB pattern, complete puzzles with at least 6 interlocking pieces, count to 5 by rote, count 3 objects, size words, capacity words.

From the Parents

"I love the connection with his teacher, the updates that I get through the day, the new friends he is making and that he is getting such a good educational experience! I feel so secure in sending him there instead of to a daycare."

Anne Malbica, Arches Parent

"The nursery school program has been wonderful for my daughter! She loves her teacher, has grown so much socially, and loves all of her friends. The program is very structured and predictable, which helps the students feel very safe. The kids are exposed to so many different activities and experiences in the day, and our daughter has been thriving. One of my favorite parts is that she is surrounded by caring adults that know her personally and are looking out for her welfare. 

Katy Ives, Arches Parent

"They are both very happy to go every day. It is such a relief to not have children who don't want to go to school! My son (the two-year-old) is also talking much more since he began at Arches."

Paul Dunn, Arches Parent

Meet the Teacher

Olivia Roberts, Nursery School

"My name is Olivia Roberts and I am so excited to teach your child this year! I was born and raised in Utah and have been an Early Education teacher for 3 years. I absolutely love  watching children grow and learn-- I always have! Working in the Nursery School at Arches Academy is a dream come true.


My belief as an Early Childhood Educator is that each child has unique strengths and talents; I work hard to get to your child's gifts and growth opportunities.  I then create one on one teaching moments each day to help each little learner grow into their next step. I can’t wait to watch our nursery school children continue grow throughout this school year as they become even more amazing individuals."

Potty Training & Quiet Time

Nursery School has regularly scheduled potty training breaks throughout the day where all students will be brought to the bathroom to try going potty and/or to have a diaper change. Children are encouraged and allowed to go in between regularly scheduled potty time breaks as well, as children learn to self-monitor their needs. 

Quiet time is held after lunch every day. During quiet time, each child is assigned his or her own labeled sleeping mat and may bring their special blanket or stuffed animal from home. 


Your Child 


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