Elementary School (1-5)

1st grade

The elementary years at Arches are an exciting time of learning, growth, and adventure. Our integrated curriculum means that subjects are introduced and reinforced throughout the elementary experience resulting in rich understanding. 1st-5th grade students are busily engaged in a variety of activities and learning experiences that inspire and engage them.

Here are just a few of the things our elementary school students do in a single 6-week period:

  • Head of School Hike: Our all-school hike up the beautiful Utah canyons!

  • Writing Rally: Our school-wide Writing Rally where students learn about coming up with ideas, word choice, thought organization, and more, to hone their powerful writing skills.

  • French Round Table: Students in ALL foreign language classes view a presentation by the French class to expand their cultural horizons and see what the other foreign language classes were learning. This included student created exhibits, songs, and delicious crepes! 

  • Grandparent’s Day: Every year Arches Academy hosts an all-school Grandparents day, where family members and special guests can come see and participate in what their grandchildren are learning and experiencing every day at Arches!

  • Hee Haw Farms: Our students visit Hee Haw Farms where they get to pet goats, climb on haystacks, and ride the gunnysack slide!

  • Rivers of the World: Our third grade class has studied all the many rivers of the world, and their ecosystems.

  • Greek Studies: The class learned many of the stories from Greek mythology, and the many contributions ancient Greece made to civilization!

  • Play at the SCERA: Classes attend a play at the Scera and have a wonderful time!


What has YOUR elementary student done lately?



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