INTERACTIVE LEARNING EMPOWERING KIDS. Arches Academy provides interactive learning opportunities  that make education exciting. Interactive Learning is an active, learner-centric methodology where students can put their knowledge and skills to use in a meaningful and relevant fashion. We believe that students learn best through real-life, intriguing experience and carefully craft learning activities that offer students an educational experience like no other.

Our Vision

Our Mission

Arches Academy is the only school  in Utah Valley that provides interactive, Gifted & Talented educational experiences for all students. Through our non-traditional, project-based approach, we empower students to think innovatively, engage in collaborative groups, create meaningful connections through an inclusive global mindset, and develop their innate creative and curious energy.


Our History
Established in 2012

Arches Academy was founded by five bold and visionary

partner teachers. After 10 years of teaching together they

decided to bring their vision of our innovative school to life.


Arches Academy is a non-traditional, project based private

school that was established in 2012 to empower students

through interactive learning. Arches Academy strives to  provide a learning environment where each student has the opportunity to receive the nurturing they need during their most formative decade of life.

That vision is readily apparent in our hallways and classrooms every day. At Arches Academy we provide a master team​ of experts for an interactive learning experience that empowers all students.