At Arches Academy, kindergarten is a full-day experience. The morning focuses on the foundations of Language Arts and Math, while the afternoon consists of classes in Art, PE, Music, Science, Social Studies, and more!

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At Arches Academy, we understand that children all grow and develop at different paces, so we allow students to join our classes based on age level or ability.  Being ready for Kindergarten isn’t just about academics; we offer whole child education, so we want to make sure your young learners are prepared mentally, socially, and emotionally. Students wishing to join our kindergarten class will be signed up for Kindergarten testing. They will be evaluated on the following readiness factors by one of our Kindergarten Teachers or our PreK Teacher:


Age 5 by September 1st and:

  • Passes our Writing Readiness and Reading Readiness Test (CKLA K2.10): Copying lines, dots, swirls, and zig-zags and identifying words that the teacher segments. (Example, the teacher would say the sounds for cat individually, “c” pause “a” pause and “t” and the student would circle a picture of a cat.)

  • Prints their name (with visual prompt if needed)

  • Identifies the letters in their name

  • Passes our Math Readiness Test: Counting objects, identifying one more and less, recognizing small groups of numbers, and changing small numbers.

  • Must be able to hold a pencil and trace, color with crayons, and cut on a line with scissors without any assistance or direction from an adult

  • Must be fully potty trained (able to verbalize when they need to go, get up and down on a toilet without assistance, wipe regardless of urine or feces)

  • Follow two-step oral directions (e.g., “Find the blue crayon and bring it to me.”)

  • Speak in full sentences, with prompting, especially when describing personal needs.


*All students who do not meet these requirements will be enrolled in our Kindergarten Bootcamp where our Kindergarten Teachers will prepare them with all the Math, Reading, and Writing Foundational Skills that they need to have a successful kindergarten year.

Bootcamp: $200.00, 2 week camp, 9:00-12:00 daily, held 2 weeks before school starts.


Almost Age 5 and:

Students who do not meet the birthdate deadline are invited to come for a free trial day to be evaluated by our pre-kindergarten or kindergarten teacher on the following:

  • Meet all the above standards for students who DO meet the deadline.

  • Must be able to sit cross legged and attentive/engaged for a circle time lesson (typically up to 9 mins) with NO reminders regarding this

  • Retell narrative stories through pictures with emerging detail

  • Sing repetitive songs and chants independently

  • Sort labeled pictures by attribute (e.g., number, initial sound)

  • Draw pictures and use words to tell a story

  • Ability to fully participate in play cooperatively with other children and share

  • Can accept redirection and discipline without tears

  • Doesn't resort to hitting when frustrated

  • Generally is able to enter class without tears

  • Is willing to try new things

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