Do you have a first grader?

First grade is as critically important in a child’s development as Pre-K and Kindergarten. This is where the progress made in Pre-K and Kindergarten can be advanced upon or lost. 

The elementary years at Arches are an exciting time of learning, growth, and adventure. Our integrated curriculum means that subjects are introduced and reinforced throughout the elementary experience resulting in rich understanding. 1st-5th grade students are busily engaged in a variety of activities and learning experiences that inspire and engage them.

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Field Trips

Arches field trips are about making connections between the education inside the classroom and the world beyond. This type of interactive learning answers the question, "Why are we learning this?" through hands-on experiences. For an age group that is constantly asking "why," field trips are an exciting way of translating classroom lessons into real-life learning. 

Popular first grade trips include: 

  • Rowley's Red Barn

  • Orem Library

  • South Fork up Provo Canyon

  • Hee Haw Farm

  • Bean Museum

  • Scera Theater for the Arts

  • And more!


Roni Law, Arches Parent

"We feel immensely lucky to be a part of this school. I think the value in knowing people and forming relationships with the staff and parents here is what makes a school so great. I feel that I can reach out to the staff at any time and my questions are answered promptly. Her kindergarten teacher is excellent as well and she has learned so much in just one year. My daughter is so happy when I pick her up each day and I am continually impressed when she tells me what she learns each day. She has improved after starting at Arches Academy and I highly recommend it to any family looking for a wonderful school."